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11 comments on “Comments”

  1. I love Secret Extensions! It’s super simple to use and the color matches my natural hair color.
    Highly recommend this product.

    • Unfortunately, no they don’t have highlights. They are color-blended though so that they blend in with all hair types better. If you look on their website you can see close ups of the hair and how they have many similar colors blended together.

  2. If I ordered the wrong color and there still in the package never opened can I exchange them for the right color????? Can’t afford to buy more I bought 4 only want to exchange 2

    • Hi Amanda, I actually don’t think you can color them because they are synthetic. I don’t think they will take the color, and it may ruin them. ): I have red hair problems too! Every time I dye my hair red, I miss my extensions so much that I have to dye my hair back to a more traditional color!

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